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HummyPkg ee4c121a54 Update to 1.4.9-6 2 years ago
HummyPkg 8f340c9a3b Update to 1.4.9-5 2 years ago
af123 67504198ec Merge pull request 'Ensure , is escaped in ::js::escape' (#45) from df/webif:df-listdirs-patch-v2 into master 2 years ago
df ba0f505e34 Ensure , is escaped in ::js::escape 2 years ago
af123 33e2f705c3 Merge pull request 'df-seriesnum-patchv2' (#44) from df/webif:df-seriesnum-patch into master 2 years ago
df a26526b047 Fix unquoted string; add genre check; errors to stderr 2 years ago
HummyPkg 04e4fd1083 Update to 1.4.9-4 2 years ago
af123 6e3b5114be Merge pull request 'df-decryptq-testkey-patchv2' (#43) from df/webif:df-decryptq-testkey-patch into master 2 years ago
df 6c40da165d Improve error trapping, actually make it work 2 years ago
df 346ed469c8 Make use of unique element IDs for img consistent 2 years ago
HummyPkg 029b115628 Revert "Work around uclibc getaddrinfo()" 2 years ago
HummyPkg c7a91766af Fix bookmark script.js 2 years ago
HummyPkg d00f925e58 Update version 2 years ago
HummyPkg fc3b28e978 Add option to automatically remove unused dependency packages 2 years ago
prpr c4afa7ac60 Add Failed and Pending select buttons, reorder buttons 2 years ago
Bob Buxton 3c3b0af49f Move favicon.ico to prevent errors during install 2 years ago
prpr f206766191 Work around uclibc getaddrinfo() 2 years ago
prpr 67afb37f27 Fix crash when genre is null 2 years ago
prpr ad150143a8 Fix overflowing conflict warning 2 years ago
df 5d3b046c70 Improve status, adding more possible outputs 2 years ago
df 18bed926b3 Support setting the seriesnum, episodenum, episodetot attributes in "rename" 2 years ago
df 1c868ae201 Add thumbnail viewer to Manage Bookmarks 2 years ago
HummyPkg 4820ade1f5 Fix problems pointed out by tclCheck and frink 2 years ago
Bob Buxton bc2e6c1a85 Restrict matching epsiodes search to same channel 2 years ago
df 6f45884f94 Add test for matching key for DLNA; fallback to direct; fail if no key matches 2 years ago
af123 a1cf871a84 Merge pull request 'Correctly manage maximum lengths of certain HMT fields' (#30) from df/webif:df-hmtfieldlength-patch into master 2 years ago
df 7834dae075 Error protect database access; re-create corrupt queue DB. 2 years ago
af123 15cba14cc3 Merge pull request 'df-dlnahelper-patch' (#23) from df/webif:df-dlnahelper-patch into master 2 years ago
af123 3f74654ea2 Merge pull request 'df-queuetablewidth-patch' (#24) from df/webif:df-queuetablewidth-patch into master 2 years ago
df f16399ec2f exists -proc -> exists -command 2 years ago
df 0060e47db5 Remove unwanted padding before programme divs in EPG to avoid cumulative positioning error. 2 years ago
df 8bdb1233e8 Display raw programme times, not clipped to the display period. 2 years ago
df 2642b190b0 Fix typo and < vs <= in `dbfetch -trange` option: avoids missing channels in EPG. 2 years ago
df 8975cbd71d Also use non-breaking spaces in file name display 2 years ago
df 32ac3c8421 Fix quoting of replacement text, avoiding "unmatched ]" 2 years ago
df f5180dc144 Improve listing of directories with special characters, especially spaces. 2 years ago
df dac3ea8698 Remove unnecessary exec 2 years ago
df 4ae8ea85f7 Ensure cut plan segments are aligned left 2 years ago
df 47495e7b8d Avoid negative CSS widths 2 years ago
df 73d25247f0 Check that bookmark save succeeded 2 years ago
df f7c37e83ae Allow minimum width for cut plan 2 years ago
df cf407f9a80 Correct the maximum length enforced for guidance text (74 vs 48) 2 years ago
df d98217b679 Merge branch 'master' into df-hmtfieldlength-patch 2 years ago
HummyPkg 269f844f43 Add to episode parsing tests 2 years ago
HummyPkg 488961c600 Update version 2 years ago
HummyPkg a5f0734201 Update tvdb XML parsing utility 2 years ago
af123 94849c51e7 Merge pull request 'Avoid displaying negative free space' (#28) from df/webif:df-freespace-patch into master 2 years ago
af123 907d9d8dcf Merge pull request 'Understand Part/Pt. as a synonym for episode' (#31) from df/webif:df-partasepisode-patch into master 2 years ago
df 6641b6f458 Understand Part/Pt. as a synonym for episode 2 years ago
df 98ef6a876f Add missing $ for certain variable references 2 years ago