Minimal SQLite3 exec wrapper
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Minimal SQLite3 exec wrapper

SQLite3 provides a very capable query tool but it may be too large to be included in the filesystem of an embedded device: for instance in the RW flash of the Humax HD/HDR-Fox T2 set-top boxes. This query applet is intended for use in such limiting cases.

Usage: usqlite [OPTIONS] ["SQL command;" ...] [< SQL_script]

Execute SQL commands on SQLite databases

  -C, --show-columns        Show column names (if any) as headers of 
                            query results
  -S,                       String to separate columns in query 
  --column-separator=SEP    results (default "|")
  -v, --verbose             Log details to stderr
  -V, --version,            Print program version, licensing and  
                            warranty details to stderr, and continue
  --                        Subsequent parameters are not options
  -h, --help, -?            Print this help to stderr and exit
To cancel reading from stdin in a POSIX shell, use the input 
redirection "<&-".

u is an abbreviation for micro popular in the typewriter era before it was easy to write the Greek letter μ (mu), or it could stand for unplasticised which would be equally valid as the Makefile avoids the -fplasticise compiler flag.

This program is released subject to the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, whose text is included in the file LICENSE included in the top level of this repository.