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#include "hmt.h"
extern int debug;
extern const char *version;
extern unsigned long sysopts;
inline uint16_t read_uint16(uint8_t *, int);
inline uint32_t read_uint32(uint8_t *, int);
void hexdump(uint8_t *, uint32_t, uint32_t);
struct hmt *open_file(char *, int);
void close_file(struct hmt *);
struct hmt *extend_file(struct hmt *hmt, uint32_t extra_size);
uint8_t * strip_string(uint8_t *);
void display_hmt(struct hmt *hmt);
void cmd_protect(struct hmt *, int);
void cmd_new(struct hmt *, int);
void cmd_lock(struct hmt *, int);
void patch_string(struct hmt *, uint32_t, char *, int);
void cmd_getstring(struct hmt *, uint32_t);
void expand_hmt(struct hmt *hmt, uint32_t new_size);
void init_hmt_epg_block(struct hmt *hmt);